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***Due to huge demand orders received after 10th December 2018 cannot be guaranteed for Christmas delivery. All orders after this date will be processed in the New Year in datal order***

Weighted blankets, lap pads and shoulder wraparounds provide a calming deep pressure and controlled weight distribution to children and adults alike. They are particularly beneficial to those experiencing sensory integration dysfunction, and associated conditions such as Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Asperger's Syndrome, ADD and other  Insomnia Related Condions.  Weighted products work on a principle of providing proprioceptive deep pressure input resulting in a calmer more relaxed state of mind.

Our weighted products are a natural therapeutic aid to combating hyperactive behaviour.  They are also beneficial as a calm down aid for people experiencing stress and anxiety related conditions.  A shoulder wrap can help to calm down an over anxious child in much the same way that a deep pressure shoulder massage would calm.  Many children with a poor proprioceptive often experience great difficulty not only getting to sleep, but also staying asleep, this can be due to a "floating" feeling.  As a sleeping aid, a large blanket provides  grounding, the deep pressure can aid a restful nights sleep, providing the neccessary proprioceptive feedback for the brain to know where the body is in relation to the bed.  The principle is much the same as that of swaddling  a baby to help  comfort and aid sleep.

Our range of weighted products vary from a small lap pad to a large single bed size blanket.  The product you choose depends upon your individual needs.  Lap pads are particularly beneficial in reducing fidgeting and aiding sitting still.  Our customers have found them particularly useful for doing school work, sitting still at social events, religious meetings and of course at meal times.  They can also be beneficial for children who dislike travelling.

For further information about weighted blankets please visit our FAQ page.  Details of deciding upon which weighted product to buy can be found at the Guidelines page.  To view our extensive fabric ranges please visit our Fabrics and Fleeces pages.  You can order by clicking on the link to our Products section.

Our customer base is varied, including schools, occupational therapists, health authorities, parents and various charitable organisations.  We  have also provided blankets to the National Autistic Society.

 All our blankets are bespoke items made to order to individual specifications where the customer is able to choose which fabric combinations and which weight of blanket they want as such please note that all sales are final and we are unable to accept returns. 

All blankets are bespoke items and as such please allow 7-14 days for manufacture and delivery.
We are happy to supply blankets via invoicing, upon receipt of an official purchase order.

All postage rates are for UK despatch addresses only.  For International orders please contact us via email before ordering.




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