When deciding on size and weight of a blanket it is important to choose the right product for you or your child's needs.


3lb Lap Pad

A weighted lap pad is is useful for school or to help aid sitting still at mealtimes, travelling or at social events.



The wraparound is shaped to sit across the shoulders and rest around the neck. They can be useful whilst doing a seated activity and can also help in calming excessive activity levels.

SMALL BLANKET(up to 6lb)

Beneficial to small children up to 3ft in height. This can be incorporated into the daily sensory diet for approx 20 minutes at 90 minute intervals, of course this is a guideline and can be increased/decreased according to your child's needs or recommendation of occupational therapist.


Suitable for children up to 5ft in height. This size of blanket will cover the whole body and as such can be useful as a sleeping aid, however, this size blanket is slightly smaller than single bed size. It can be incorporated into the daily sensory diet as an aid to reducing levels of hyperactivity and re-balancing the proprioceptive sense.

LARGE BLANKET(10lb-15lb)

These are single bed sized blankets and can be used for insomnia related issues and also restless leg syndrome.

After deciding which product best suits your needs, it is then important to make sure that you get the weight right! Lap pads, wraparounds and small blankets come in standard weights of 2lb, 3lb and 6lb respectively. When deciding upon weight for medium and large blankets the general rule recommended by Occupational Therapists is 10% of body weight plus1lb.

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