Frequently Asked Questions

How are the weighted products made?

All products are made using three(3) layers of cotton and a fleece underside. The top layers are divided into equal sized chambers which then house the weighting medium in equal proportions. The fleece side will be perfectly smooth except for the edging. It is also very soft in texture and so will be beneficial to those experiencing tactile defensiveness.

How durable are the blankets?

All our products are made using industrial machinery, as such they are made to a very high standard and are incredibly robust. Furthermore, all blankets have three(3) levels of stitching around the edging thus ensuring durability with the heaviest of use.

Are the blankets safe and hypoallergenic?

Yes. the blankets are manufactured using non-toxic, high grade poly-propylene pellets. These are also hypoallergenic.

Can the blankets cause overheating?

No. The fabrics we use do not cause either overheating or sweating. The fleece used is lightweight and is of the same standard as fleece blankets available on the high street.

Will the weight cause discomfort?

The weights will not be felt against the skin and thus will not cause discomfort.

Are the weights removable?

No. The weights are securely sewn and quilted within the blanket.

Are the products washable/dryable?

Yes. All our products and machne washable and dryable at the lowest temperature settings. Care instructions are supplied with all products detailing this.

Will blankets maintain shape after washing?

Provided they are washed/dried according to instructions all our products will maintain their shape. We do not use wadding for this reason as this will clump together after washing.

Can we pay by cheque?

Yes. Please email for details

Are blankets available in patterned designs?

Yes. we have a wide selection of novelty and printed designs available through our Ebay shop at: 

Any further questions please don't hesitate to contact:


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