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Name: Tricia Moran Email: Deleted
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Country: SCOTLAND Date: 30 Jan 2018 12:33:33 GMT

Comment: hello, I would like to thank you for the weighted blanket I ordered recently for my daughter. We wanted to get one that looked pretty and wouldn\'t look different within her bedroom or if she was using this in company etc. We received it on Friday and she has been using this each night to relax and to support her in falling asleep. Since beginning this we have had four nights of complete sleep, (11+ hours) and my child is completely different in temperament, she is happy and settled and we are already seeing a positive impact on her confidence from this. As an Occupational Therapist and a parent I would highly recommend using this product (with the right advice, routine and guidelines) Thank you for creating such a lovely blanket.


Name: katy mccafferty
Email: Deleted
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Country: IRELAND  IP Address:  Deleted Date: 21 Nov 2007 21:16:30 GMT

Comment: fantastic relly good quality and ruth was so helpful took my blanket to our support group meeting and more orders are on there way

Name: Keran Email: Deleted
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Country: EAST YORKSHIRE  IP Address:  Deleted  Date: 29 Jan 2008 11:19:49 GMT

Comment: Its arrived after been safely delivered and I am thrilled with the quality and style, I researched Weighted blankets for my son Josh ADHD and more and gave it to him he was very comforted with the weight and very pleased to finally have his own weighted blanket, its so nice, with the picture my son wanted and it looks like its going to be a permanat part of our home now, Thankyou so much for your time and patience and a very good service and it didnt take long for it to arrive either.

Name: Jackie Gibbins Email: Deleted
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Country: ENGLAND  IP Address:  Deleted Date: 23 Apr 2008 14:30:03 GMT

Comment: Ruth was so quick at dispatching my daughter\\\\'s blanket. It arrived within the week and my daughter was able to have it for her birthday despite me being disorganised at ordering it. The design (hearts) is absolutely gorgeous, the picture just doesn\\\\'t do the pattern justice. We haven\\\\'t had a chance to try it yet but I\\\\'m certain it will be well used. Thanks again Ruth.

Name: Julie Email: 
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Country:   IP Address:  Deleted  Date: 28 May 2008 17:49:50 GMT

Comment: Blanket and lap pad arrived today and I am so happy with the quality of materials and workmanship. My son is delighted to see his chosen designs made real and got under the blanket straight away and refused to come out! Thank you so much!

Name: Charlotte Email: 
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Country: HOLLAND  IP Address:  Deleted  Date: 3 Sep 2008 07:44:37 GMT

Comment: The blanket has helped my son to go to sleep much faster - 15 minutes instead of an hour and he sleeps better. Everything was very well organised. Highly recommended.

Name: cheryl Email: 
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Country: ENGLAND  IP Address:  Deleted  Date: 14 Nov 2008 07:31:05 GMT

Comment: These blankets are top quality my son will not sleep without his we now have 8-9 hours sleep instead of 4-6. My son also uses shoulder pads for school and traveling long distance. The shoulder pads really help him cope with day to day activities



Name: Alison Windebank Email: Deleted
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Country:   IP Address:  Deleted  Date: 13 Jun 2009 19:24:42 GMT

Comment: The blanket & lap pad are beautiful. It\\\\'s too early to say as yet if they will benefit our autistic son but we are hopeful. He seems to like them, so fingers crossed!! Thankyou.

Name: Ruth Walker Email: 
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Country: UK  IP Address:  Deleted  Date: 2 Jul 2009 14:48:19 GMT

Comment: Thank you so much for such a beautiful blanket. My little girl is thrilled with it and took to it straight away. It\\\\'s too hot at nights at the moment (thanks to the heatwave!) but it helped to calm her down already through the day, so we\\\\'re hopeful for it working at night too. Thanks again for such a professional yet personal service; we\\\\'ll be back for a lap pad as soon as we\\\\'ve saved the pennies!

Name: Deana Mc Cartney Email: Deleted
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Country: IRELAND  Date: 21 Oct 2009 21:11:54 GMT

Comment: My 5yr old son(who has been diagnosed with sensory intergration dysfunction) hadnt slept through the night since he was born. His weighted blanket arrived a week ago and he has slept soundly every night since.Other members of the family also love the blanket. I think the name of the blanket should be changed to Miracle weighted blanket. Thanks to all involved in making our miracle blanket

Name: Nicola Email: 
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Country: SCOTLAND  Date: 20 Jan 2010 22:08:49 GMT

Comment: Blanket arrived yesterday even although i placed the order over the holidays. My son loves his blanket especially because he got to pick his own design. He said it was his safe cosy blanket that cuddles him like mum does. First night sleeping with it he only woke up 4 times instead of the usual 8 or 9. Great quality and excellent service i would definately recommend to others.

Name: Amber Hodgson Email: Deleted
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Country: UK  Date: 1 Feb 2010 21:21:16 GMT

Comment: Just recieved my custom 25lb large blanket, I am so happy with it, it feels perfect and the quality is wonderful. Exactly what I wanted, I felt calmer as soon as I lay under it. Will definitely be telling my friends, these blankets are not only good for children :)

Name: Marina Gray Email: Deleted
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Country: SCOTLAND, UK  Date: 12 Oct 2011 20:49:10 GMT

Comment: My 17 yr old ADHD/Aspergers daughter is having the best sleeps of her entire life! Now a fortnight in with her large weighted blanket, she immediately stopped taking melatonin, (of limited use anyway as she always woke up at 3am) and is sleeping like a baby. We couldn\\\\'t be happier. I wish I had known about these/bought her a weighted blanket years ago! What a difference; it\\\\'s like night and day, literally! Thank you so much for our sanity - hers as well as ours!

Name: Kat Email: 
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Country: WEST YORKSHIRE  Date: 24 Mar 2012 13:51:56 GMT

Comment: The blanket has helped so much. My son loves laying under it and the sound it makes when he ruffles it. Thankyou so much for making his life better.

Name: Victoria Email: Vikkiekay@yahoo.co.uk
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Country: ENGLAND  Date: 18 Apr 2012 15:26:31 GMT

Comment: Just ordered our 2nd blanket as son got to big for 1st one, Once again Ruth Very helpful with good advice and still reasonably priced. Keep up the good work x

Name: Yorkshire Children\\\\'s Trust Email: charity@yorkshirechildren.org
Welcome Page:  http://www.yorkshirechildren.org  
Country: UK  Date: 28 Feb 2013 16:22:14 GMT

Comment: If your child has a need for items from Weight-2-Go blankets but you need fiancial help, please visit www.yorkshirechildren.org and make a grant application online. We try to help as many children in Yorkshire as we can!

Name: Anthony Email: 
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Country:   Date: 17 Apr 2013 12:11:59 GMT

Comment: My wife received one of your blankets this morning. She is currently awaiting a diagnosis for Aspergers. This is what she just emailed me. "I\\\\'m actually weeping tears of joy. This feels so good. It was worth every penny. I KNOW WHERE I AM IN SPACE" Thank you

Name: Jasmine Email: jasosborne@outlook.com
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Country: UK  Date: 5 Dec 2018 11:21:46 GMT

Comment: I am so pleased with my weighted blanket. The colours are gorgeous & the quality is incredible. The seller was so helpful and answered any queries I had. They kept me updated with the delivery of my blanket and I am extremely happy with it! Thankyou!


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